Tara and Dan Glasser of Stray

“A Cadillac of a baby carriage.”

“You don’t have to spend a lot of money to do something creative and make it look nice,” says Dan Glasser, co-owner of Stray, a Vintage and gift store on Skillman Avenue. When he and his wife Tara decided to open Stray three years ago, they painted diamonds on the floor, gave the store a new paint coat and focused on the originality of the items they were going to sell. Right now the couple adores vintage barware and modern Danish furniture but their taste as well as the store’s selection changes frequently. Next to clothes, jewelry, furniture, needlepoint art and vinyl, Stray sells self-made glass and mirror objects and T-shirts praising Sunnyside. (“The best neighborhood in world. Period,” Dan says.)While Stray has been received very well, the traffic on Skillman Avenue during the week leaves a lot to be desired. Dan attributes this challenge to a hesitance of investors and a negligence of storeowners who fail to put love into their business. On the weekends, however, people come from all over New York to hunt for vintage goods at the store, which has been reviewed in the New York Times, the Queens Chronicle and am New York.“You are buying something that has been owned. It has a history,” Dan says about his love for original vintage items. “That’s kind of nice.” In the podcast he talks about the couple’s “best days on the road,” their addiction to the hunt and one of their most remarkable finds: a 1958 pram in exquisite condition, “a Cadillac of a baby carriage.”

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