“I don’t know if you ever heard of a kid that fell off a roof on 39th Place?”

Yolanda was our chaperone during my Sound Project workshop at the library. She has worked as the computer specialist at the Sunnyside branch since September 2009. There is a very long waiting list for her popular computer classes in English and Spanish.“This is the best library I have worked at,” says Yolanda, who worked at the Flushing branch before. “The people who come to this library are very nice.” Asked about crazy people who visit the Sunnyside library, she shakes her head. “In this branch there are none.”

Yolanda emmigrated from Colombia in 1978. She has moved away from Sunnyside a couple of times but always found herself back. Among the things Yolanda appreciates most about Sunnyside is its safety.

Yolanda, who was interviewed by Corinne Healy, tells us the most terrifying and astonishing thing that has happened to her in Sunnyside: In 1992, her nine-year-old son fell from the roof of her apartment building and survived.

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